The GameGlass Host software must be installed on the PC you play your games on in order for you to connect your touchscreen devices and begin the second screen experience. If you have not already registered your GameGlass account you may reference "Creating Your GameGlass Account"

Installing GameGlass is easy.

  1. Download the Host software: 
  2. Run "gameglass-installer.exe" from your Windows 8/10 gaming PC

  3. Follow the dialog prompts until the installation is complete

  4. Start the GameGlass software and proceed by accepting "yes" for the following prompt
    GameGlass uses this access to open a firewall rule to allow your device to connect to your computer.

  5. At the GameGlass splash screen, log in to your registered account using your email address

6. Go to the settings tab and confirm that your network is selected. If you have multiple network adapters (for example: Wireless and LAN) choose the appropriate network where your touchscreen device is also connected and press "Save".

Continue setup by connecting to GameGlass from your touchscreen Device