Introducing the Official GameGlass Keybinds

In order for GameGlass to function properly you must download and use our official GameGlass keybinds. This will only modify your keyboard layout, so your HOTAS or Controller layouts bound within StarCitizen will remain intact.

If Star Citizen has a key bound by default, these keybinds will reflect this and use the same key whenever possible.

You can download the keybinds by right clicking the link below -> then choose "save link as" 

GameGlass Star Citizen Keybind XML

If you need a list of what keybinds are default in game, and what we are binding in GameGlass:

Check out the google sheet =>


Installing the keybinds

Once you have downloaded the XML file, move it to the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Controls\Mappings

If you have Star Citizen installed on a different drive, replace C:\ with your drive letter.

*Note* If you choose to manually use GameGlass with a PTU version of Star Citizen be aware you may encounter issues with keybind conflicts as our XML is designed for the Live version of the game.


Selecting the keybinds

Now that your keybinds are loaded, there are a few ways to get them selected in game.


Open the Star Citizen console and type the following command:

pp_rebindkeys GameGlass_SC_Keybinds.xml

This is the quick and easy method. We plan on adding a key in GameGlass that runs this command automatically in the future.

If you want to do it manually, proceed by doing the following:


1) Once you have the game loaded, go to your options menu and click "Keybindings" at the top

2) Click on "Advanced Controls Customization"

3) Next, click on control profiles at the bottom of your screen

4) Select "GameGlass"

5) On the popup, click where it says "None" next to your Keyboard bindings

6) Select "Keyboard" from the list that pops up

7) Finally press "Load" on the bottom right to load the bindings