GameGlass runs on a broad range of devices and browsers, check the chart below to confirm yours meets the minimum criteria. 

GameGlass Supported Devices

DeviceOperating SystemLandscape View
 Portrait View
Android Smartphone or TabletAndroid 7 or above8" or above5-7"
Apple iPhone/iPadiOS 12 or above8" or above5-7"
Amazon Fire/FireHDFireOS 6 or above8" or above7"
Microsoft Surface Pro *Windows 10
8" or abovena
Host and Secondary Client PCsWindows 8, 8.1, 108" or abovena


* Windows RT and Surface X based devices on the ARM processor are not compatible.

Older Device Compatibility

GameGlass may still run on devices prior to the versions listed above however your experience may not be ideal. We encourage you to test out any older device you have laying around the house to determine for yourself if or how it functions with GameGlass. When buying a new device however we strongly recommend you choose one that meets our official support requirements.  

GameGlass Supported Browsers

If you are planning to use GameGlass through your browser (


BrowserOperating System(s)Minimum Version
Google ChromeAny80.x or above
Mozilla FirefoxAny75.x or above
Apple SafariMacOS, iOS13.x or above
Amazon SilkFire OSLatest only
Microsoft EdgeAnyLatest only


NOTE: If your Device's OS doesn't meet the minimum criteria in the Supported Devices chart then the browser app may not work even if you are running the latest Supported Browser.