There are two known causes which can result in The GameGlass PC Host Software failing to launch.

NOTE: This article ONLY applies if after trying to launch GameGlass nothing happens at all. If you see any GameGlass window open with any message at all then this article does not apply.

Cause #1

There is a known bug affecting users with certain Windows system locale settings such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew etc.

Currently the workaround is to change this Windows setting:

Control Panel > Clock and Region 


Administrative Tab > Change system locale
Change Current system locale to English from the drop-down menu > Click OK

Now reboot your PC, the GameGlass software should launch successfully 

Cause #2

If you are using Rivatuner (which typically installs with software such as MSI afterburner) this may be preventing the first launch of GameGlass. 

To resolve first uninstall Rivatuner, next start GameGlass, if successful reinstall Rivatuner now with GameGlass running. From now on both pieces of software will be able to run normally.