• Make sure the GameGlass Host software is running on your computer and that you have logged in to your account there.
  • Verify that your PC and external device are on a supported network according to our Network Requirements article.

Soft Reset

A soft reset should be performed after making any changes to settings as advised throughout this article. This cycling clears any old data used in previous connection attempts. Remember to repeat this regularly.

  1. Close the GameGlass Host software from the system-tray by right-clicking the GG icon and choosing "Exit" 
  2. Log out from any other devices which you've logged into previously. Press the Logout button available beneath the retry connection button or if the interface loaded on a certain device press settings on the top right and then press logout on the top right from there.
  3. Now that you are logged out of all open sessions, restart the Host Software first then log back in on your other devices.

Hard Reset

Powering off both your PC and touchscreen device and then rebooting them can clear up various issues. Perform this step now or after making other changes to settings as advised throughout this article in the event both that and a soft reset doesn't resolve as expected.

Connection Error Causes and Solutions:

Local Test

First, to isolate the cause of a connection error perform a self-contained test using your gaming PC only. We will not be using your other device at this time.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to on the same computer where you've installed the GameGlass software.
  2. Log in to your account then select "Initialize GameGlass"

If the Local Test also results in a connection error

Cause 1: Go to the Settings tab in the GameGlass Host software and make sure the correct network is selected, if you make a change be sure to press save.

Cause 2: Nord VPN commonly prevents all local connections, scroll down to view "Issue #2" in our Nord VPN guide for a solution if you have this software installed on your PC.

If the Local Test was successful

A successful Local Test proves that GameGlass is set up and functioning properly. If only external devices receive a connection error this shows that something else is preventing the connection.

Cause #1:

Security software commonly allows the local test to succeed but blocks external connections, we have support guides for the most common security programs showing necessary settings which will allow GameGlass to connect devices via LAN.

AVG Internet Security

AVAST Internet Security / Premier / Ultimate

McAfee Internet Security / Total Protection

Windows Defender Firewall

If you are using any other third party security software try manually adding exclusions for GameGlass, or look for settings similar to the ones required in the guides above.

Cause #2:

If your PC and device do not meet the conditions described in our Network Requirements article they will not be able to connect.

Verify that your device and your computer are on the same network and subnet by comparing the local IP addresses of the two. On the GameGlass Host software in the settings tab view the IP address listed there, this is your local IP address.

Next on your touchscreen device open a browser (firefox works best, some other browsers mask this) and navigate to: to compare with the IP in GG.

If they are on the same subnet the first three sets of numbers will be an identical match with only the fourth set differing (example: and would be on the same subnet whereas and are on separate subnets).

Further assistance

After following the above steps if the connectivity issue is still unresolved then visit the #support channel of our GameGlass Discord for real-time assistance or contact us via email