If you use McAffee Total protection and are experiencing connection errors with external devices follow these steps to resolve:

STEP 1: Click the settings cog followed by "Firewall" under the PC Security header

STEP 2: Next click "Internet Connections for Programs"

STEP 3: Scroll down the list and select "GameGlass" then click "Edit"
Note: Some users report finding "launcher.exe" (our updater) and "gameglass.exe" (our software) listed here separately, if so you will need to perform the following step on both.

STEP 4A: In the dropdown menu for Incoming and outgoing change the setting to "Open ports to Work and Home networks" and click the Save button.

Step 4B: If the prior setting does not resolve your connection error after a soft reset of GameGlass then select "Open to all devices" in the dropdown menu instead.