If you see this error message on the PC Host Software at startup:

Confirm your general internet connectivity on your PC and view our StatusPage to determine the service status of GameGlass. Feel free to visit our Discord community for updates in the event of a service disruption.

Other known causes:

The DNS your Router uses may not be able to resolve connection to our servers. We recommend Google's DNS ( or as these are proven to work.

Note: Changing the DNS in Windows OS will not help, you must log into your router as an admin to change this setting.

Webroot has been known to block GameGlass even after whitelisting unlike other security software.
The only way to get past this error permanently is to disable Webroot altogether and then relaunch GameGlass.

On occasion file corruption may be involved:

Uninstall GameGlass, then manually delete the gameglass folders found in both program files and documents (if present), delete any old installer you may have and download that again from our website, finally reinstall.