There are two separate issues related to NordVPN:

#1 Which prevents account login on the PC software (nothing happens when pressing login)

#2 Which prevents Host to App connectivity ("connection error" on touchscreen app)

Issue #1

In April of 2020 NordVPN introduced a new feature called "NordLynx". Even if you turn NordVPN off or exit the software it will continue to prevent account login on the GameGlass PC software.

From Windows network connections you can see the presence of NordLynx alongside your physical adapters. Normally you could simply disable an adapter from here however in this case of NordLynx you will instead be countered with an error message disallowing such action.

Note: If you are an advanced user and have the know-how to get around this or are familiar with bridging network adapters those are other possible solutions however for the sake of this guide which is primarily focused on GameGlass functionality we will only cover the easiest and most reliable solution which is to remove NordLynx from the equation.

1. In order to remove the adapter first go to Nord settings and in the Auto-connect tab switch Off "Choose a VPN protocol and server automatically" and then choose either "Open VPN (UDP)" OR "OpenVPN (TCP)" which will prevent it from defaulting to the problematic NordLynx.

2. Next exit both the GameGlass and NordVPN software and go to Windows control panel in order to uninstall "NordVPN network TUN" which will remove the NordLynx network adapter.

You should now be able to login to your GameGlass account with the virtual adapter no longer present. Sometimes a system reboot may be necessary though.

3. When you relaunch NordVPN you may encounter a message "NordVPN background process is not running". After clicking "start process" Nord's VPN will function as normal and GameGlass login will still succeed.

Issue #2

Whether Nord VPN is actively running or not there is a setting which will continue to prevent GameGlass connectivity over LAN unless it is disabled.

1. Click the Setting cog in the top right, in the Advanced tab set "Invisibility on LAN" to Off

2. After changing this setting you may need to reboot your PC for the changes to take effect.