Basic Keybind Setup

We provide preconfigured default profiles which can be enabled in-game, choose one of the following links to get started:

                                                 Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous

Advanced Keybind Setup

Note: the following section is related to functionality to be released later in 2020, this disclaimer will be removed upon release.

The guides linked above offer the quickest and easiest way to start using GameGlass and are based off of game defaults. If you've already heavily customized your binds in-game and would rather configure GameGlass to send those same commands then this guide is for you.

From the GameGlass Host software on your PC, go to the Keybind Setup tab, select your game and click on customize binds, from here you will see a full list of the GameGlass defaults and can make the changes you desire.

[image here]

Click any keybind field to edit it then press the key or keys you want to use on your keyboard separately one at a time (do not press and hold multiple keys sequentially). Once finished click save and the binding is ready to use.

[image here]

Double tap is used by some of our defaults, generally speaking this is not a feature you will want to enable for complex binds as it will send the full contents of that binding twice in rapid succession. alt + r for example would send alt + alt + r + r.